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Welcome to Folding Doors Wagga Wagga, your Concertina vinyl and timberline folding door supplier

Folding Doors is a leading industry accredited supplier of quality folding, Concertina, Bi-Fold and accordion doors to Wagga Wagga & Queensland. We have over 60 years experience in the Folding Concertina Door industry and are committed to bringing you the highest quality Concertina folding doors, together with reliable service and fast delivery.

Certified Supplier of Australian-made Concertina Folding Doors

Folding Doors are certified suppliers of made-to-measure folding, bi-fold and accordion doors from Australian-owned Concertina Doors. They manufacture a wide range of quality folding doors that can increase space and open up new layout possibilities. Choose from our wide range of folding doors including:

  • Concertina Vinylcloth Folding Doors
  • Timberline Folding Doors
  • Lotus Timberline Acoustic Accordion Doors
  • Lotus Sound Proof Accordion Doors
  • Concertina Caravan Folding Doors
  • Laundry Folding Bi-Fold Doors
  • Home Room Dividers
  • Commercial Folding Doors

Concertina Folding Walls and Doors are 100% Australian-owned and their products are commonly known as folding doors, bi-fold doors, concertina doors and room dividers. Concertina Folding Doors offer a curved track for more difficult spaces as well as a selection of Vinylcloth, Timberline and Timberline Acoustic Accordion Doors to suit your style, needs and budget.

Transform your Living Space with Folding Doors

Concertina Folding Doors are an attractive and affordable way to increase the functionality of your living or work area and let you divide your room or home into specific sections to suit your needs. Folding Doors can provide advice on the right doors to maximise the flexibility of your space and can provide room dividing and effective soundproofing solutions for:

  • Dividing a room
  • Bathroom and toilet doors
  • Caravans, motor homes and boats
  • Laundries doors
  • Bedroom ensuite doors
  • Home Units alcove laundry doors
  • Schools
  • Church Halls
  • Libraries
  • The Arts
  • Company Boardrooms
  • Childcare Centres
  • Government Housing
  • Sound reduction of Media and Home Theatre rooms
  • Doors for Government Departments
  • Disabled wheelchair access doors
  • Domestic folding lift doors

Folding doors are also a great way to block off an area for extra warmth in winter or cooling in summer so that you can save money on your heating and air-conditioning bills all year round.

Easy to Install Folding Doors

Concertina Folding Doors are easy to install, simply follow their DIY installation instructions for VinylclothTimberline and Acoustic Accordion doors. But remember, the team at Folding Doors is on hand so if you feel you need help at any time, just call us on 07 3266 4807 or send us a message here. We proudly service nationwide.


About Folding Doors

When it comes to finding the best doors for your home or business, Folding Doors of Brisbane, Australia has six decades worth of experience. Our company knows the best doors that you need to make your house a great home.

From Concertina to Bi-Fold to accordion doors, our company has you covered. We have what it takes to deliver top quality Concertina folding doors. We also provide fast, reliable service for our customers.

Our company specialises in many beautiful, highly functional products that are built using quality craftsmanship. These doors are ideal when it comes to maximising house and office space. Our company has the knowledge and experience to provide layout possibilities. When it comes to these fantastic doors, we use an accredited supplier of these Australian-made, Concertina Folding Doors.

The best part about taking the first step is the free quote and technical advice that we provide. Whether it is the Concertina Vinylcloth Folding, Concertina Timberline Folding, or Concertina Timberline Acoustic Accordion, our customers have some top options for getting the most out their home or office.

For those who are looking for off the shelf doors, all Concertina Doors are unique in measurement for your specific situation, so they are not available for off the shelf purchasing.

When measuring the opening for a door, it is best to measure the height on the R/H and L/H sides of the doorway, starting at the top of the floor’s covering to the underbelly of the door jamb.

Concerning installations, the Concertina Vinylcloth and Timberline are easy to install. They come with all the fittings and fixtures for your DIY installation. Please feel free to give us a call with any pertinent questions or concerns. When it comes to the warranty period, Concertina provides a 12-month timeframe. Contact our Folding Doors Wagga-Wagga now!